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How Do You Know If You Need Save My Build?

You don't know where to start with your building project

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Does the cost quoted by the building contractor match your architect’s estimation for the project?

Are you aware of all the processes required to complete a building project?

You don't have time to manage contractors and sub-contractors

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Do you know how to get the best from architects, engineers, building control?

How would you tell if your project has been built correctly?

You're not sure how to get your project finished on time and within budget

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During the build how do you ensure your payments are relative to the work completed?

Your building project has started and something has gone wrong

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Your contractor has left, is not turning up on time or your architect is going design crazy and forgetting you have a budget to stick to.


We will look at costs provided by contractors and sub-contractors to ensure you are paying the correct amount.

We can help you manage your payments, so you don’t pay too much in advance leaving you with a large proportion of the job to finish.

We know that 100% of projects will have extras.


An architect’s priority is design.

We can help you to slightly modify design saving large sums of money

This will be done without compromise to the design or quality of finish.

To SaveMyBuild cost effectiveness is key.

We will meet the architect on site to understand the design requirements.


Communication communication communication.

We come from a contractor’s background and are aware of all the pitfalls.

We know contractors like to build quickly.

We know that the contractor doesn’t always produce the best design for the Client.