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As experienced building professionals, we know the value of budgets and timeframes.


Managing your Finances

We will look at costs provided by contractors and sub-contractors to ensure you are paying the correct amount.

We can help you manage your payments, so you don’t pay too much in advance leaving you with a large proportion of the job to finish.

We know that 100% of projects will have extras so we can help to negotiate with your contractor and manage your extras bill during the project.

We can help you find competitive tenders.

We will help you save costs on design, finish and build.

Managing your Architect

An architect’s priority is design

We can help you to slightly modify design saving large sums of money

This will be done without compromise to the design or quality of finish.

To SaveMyBuild cost effectiveness is key.

We will meet the architect on site to understand the design requirements.

We will Manage designs as necessary throughout the project (keeping costs to a minimum)

We will look at different product manufacturers to ensure you get the best price.

Managing your Contractor

Communication communication communication.

We come from a contractor’s background and are aware of all the pitfalls.

We know contractors like to build quickly.

We know that the contractor doesn’t always produce the best design for the Client.

We know how to communicate with the contractor and ensure your project is built in the best way possible.


Managing your Project from Start to Finish

We will ensure your project is completed at the correct cost.

We will deal with any cost variations or extras making sure you the Client is always kept in the picture .

We will ensure you don’t experience problems later down the line

We can schedule a program for the contractor to keep to, making sure you have ordered everything on time, avoiding any late delivery of materials.

We understand that contractors are notoriously bad at finishing a project.  We will make sure your project is completely finished.

As experienced building professionals, we know the value of budgets and timeframes

Whatever building works you undertake whether it be decorating, building an extension, a loft conversion, completing electrical or plumbing works, kitchen installations, bathroom refurbishment, a full house or flat renovation, or even garden landscaping you want your finance to go into the actual project. We ensure it does, and that your project gets completed. On Time. On Budget.

Satisfaction Guaranteed,                   Free Consultation


If you require our services, we will support you throughout.

We will see it through until the end and you are satisfied.

We will take the strain away from you.

We will always provide you with a variety of alternative solutions


We will have an initial free telephone consultation to understand your requirements.

We will explain how we can help you with your project.

A no commitment guarantee.

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